Ballroom dinner-dancing in elegant settings with live bands, providing excellent dancing since 1947


The purpose of The Cotillion is to provide a means for groups of couples to efficiently engage orchestras and halls for the enjoyment of ballroom dancing without the mantle of commercialism. The occasions should have an atmosphere of elegance and friendliness that every member can look forward to with pleasure.

Article A - Membership

Section 1

The name of this not-for-profit organization is "The Cotillion".

Section 2

Membership in the Cotillion will be held by couples or individuals. All members, including individual members, are required to bring a dance partner to Cotillion dances.

Section 3

Couples who are dance partners hold one membership. That membership will end if the partnership dissolves, and each person may apply for a change in membership status. If requested by the couple, one person from the dissolved partnership may apply to the Board to keep, as an individual member, the membership previously held by the partnership. The requested change shall constitute a change in membership status under Article F.

Section 4

Membership in the Cotillion: 

Dues will be prorated for members who join the organization once the dance season is underway.

Article B - Board of Directors

Section 1

The Board of Directors has general charge of affairs, funds, and properties of The Cotillion. Its duty is to obtain or hire necessary facilities and make all necessary arrangements to carry out the purpose of The Cotillion.

Section 2

The Board of Directors consists of nine Board members. Membership in the Board of Directors will be held by couples or individuals who are members of The Cotillion. Each couple or individual member holds one Board membership ("Board member").

Section 3

The Board of Directors meets no later than the last week in May of each year to elect three new Board members for the coming year.

Section 4

Board Members are elected from The Cotillion membership by a majority vote of the current Board of Directors. Each serves on the Board of Directors for a term of three years, replacing three Board members who have completed their terms. Board members so elected may not be re-elected for a successive term.

Section 5

In the event that a Board member elected for a three-year term withdraws for any reason, another Cotillion member is elected by the Board to replace them for the unexpired term. If the unexpired term is one year or less, the Board member filling in to serve the unexpired term may be re-elected for an ensuing full three-year term.

Section 6

The President may call special meetings of the Board of Directors as necessary.

Section 7

Each Board Member, whether a couple or an individual, has one vote. Two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors constitute a quorum for the transaction of The Cotillion's business and affairs.

Section 8

No later than the end of May, the Board of Directors elects from the members of the Board the following officers:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
e. Membership Committee
f. Sunshine Committee

All elected officers customarily serve a one year term to begin at the close of the last meeting of the dance year. Exceptions can be made to extend the termto two yearswhen warranted.

Section 9

The Dinner Dance Hosting Committees will be advised of their duty dates for one or two dances by the President(s) no later than August.

Article C - Officers' duties

Section 1 - Presidents  

The Presidents preside at all Board of Directors meetings. Prior to the first Board meeting, they prepare and distribute a schedule of Board meetings and duty assignments, including the time and place of meetings. They appoint all committees and lead in enforcement of the constitution.

During the summer they send a letter to all potential members detailing pertinent information for the coming year, such as lists of officers and committees, calendar of events, annual fees, dress code, guest regulations and dance schedules and also send letters of welcome and Constitution and Member Handbook information to new members who have Board approval.

Section 2 - Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents assist the Presidents as needed. They are specifically in charge of engaging halls and preferred dance bands (live music, not D.J.s) for the next dance season on the reservation agenda.

Section 3 - Secretaries

The Secretaries keep the minutes of each meeting and conduct correspondence of The Cotillion as directed by the Board of Directors. They maintain files of news releases or other information of historical consequence.

Section 4 - Treasurers

The Treasurers collect and disburse funds under the direction of the Board of Directors and keep accounts. Accounts are subject to examination by other Board members at any time. They present a report of receipts and disbursements at each meeting of the Board of Directors. The signature of any one or two of The Cotillion's authorized officers is required to draw checks upon The Cotillion's bank accounts. Treasurers will make bank statements available to the Board upon request.

Article D - Standing committees

Section 1 - Dinner-Dance

The Dinner-Dance committee is composed of two Board Members designated by the Presidents as co-chairs, to coordinate with the representative of the dance hall to select meal choices, linens, and table decorations.

Prior to each dance the dinner-dance committee will notify the President(s) and provide them with an up-to-date list of members, guests, table assignments, and meal selections.

Section 2 - Membership

The membership committee consists of one Board member designated by the Presidents to maintain the membership specified under Article A. They maintain files of all applications for membership and send letters and fact sheets to applicants, presenting requests for membership approval at Board meetings or via e-mail.

Section 3 - Sunshine

The sunshine committee consists of one Board Member designated by the Presidents to send appropriate cards to those hospitalized, bereaved or seriously ill.

Article E - Selection of New Members

Section 1

App1ication for membership in The Cotillion is submitted in writing to the membership committee, accompanied by recommendations of two member couples or individuals in good standing.

Section 2

The membership committee submits the names of applicants, in order of the postmark dates of their applications, to the Board of Directors for approval.

Section 3

The Board of Directors votes for each applicant. No applicant(s) will be elected to membership if three or more votes are cast against them.

Section 4

If there are fewer than 70 members at the time that the application is accepted, applicants become members. If the membership is at capacity, these potential members go onto a waiting list until the next available opening.

Article F - Change in Membership Status

Section 1

A change in membership status occurs when a couple membership dissolves or when an individual membership seeks to change to a couple membership.

Section 2

Members seeking a change in status should notify the Membership Committee.

Section 3

At its discretion, the Board shall approve or reject applications for changes in membership status, subject to terms and conditions as it sees fit.

Article G - Resignation

Section 1

Any member may resign his or her membership by giving notice in writing to the Membership Committee.

Section 2

In the event that a member's resignation is submitted prior to the close of the season, the resigning member will not be entitled to a refund of annual dues by virtue of not having attended The Cotillion dances scheduled to be held that year. However, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, if a resignation is tendered mid-season, the Board may elect to refund the prorated balance of the annual dues provided that the vacancy is filled and that the prorated balance of the annual dues are received from the member filling the vacancy.

Article H - Expulsions

Section 1

Any member may be expelled for cause by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors.

Article I - Annual Dues and Dance Fees

Section 1

The amount of annual dues is established each year at the last meeting of the dance season by the Board of Directors. The annual dues cover expenses anticipated by the Board for the year.

Section 2

Annual Dues are payable in advance for the entire year, which begins with the first fall dance. If a membership is accepted during the year, the dues are prorated.

Section 3

Any applicant that has been duly notified of acceptance for membership and has not paid dues by the date set will forfeit membership.

Section 4

The costs of meals at dinner-dances is not included in the annual dues but shall be paid by each couple attending the dance.

Section 5

Fees paid per dance by guests shall be established by the Board of Directors. Fees paid per dance, as established by the Board, do not include the costs of meals at dinner-dances.

Article J - Liabilities

Section 1

The Board of Directors will purchase proper liability insurance as it deems necessary. It will review the policy at each renewal.

Article K - Dance Attendance

Section 1

The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the number of guestsadmitted to each dance depending on the size of the dance hall as it sees fit. The Board shall establish and periodically review rules relative to the admission of guests to the dances.

Article L - Guests

Section 1

Members are permitted to invite guests to any of the regularly scheduled events of The Cotillion.

Section 2

Rules relative to admission of guests are established and reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors.

Article M - Dress code

Section 1

Members are required to wear formal attire (tuxedos for men and tea or floor-length gowns for women) to The Cotillion dances. Male guests are expected to wear dark suits with ties, if not formal wear.

Section 2

The dress code will be reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors.

Article N - Changes in the constitution

Section 1

Changes can be made by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors. Changes can be recommended in writing by any Cotillion member in good standing.


Revised December 2012
Revised June 2013